Low Voltage Battery


Max. Charging Current


Ah Capacity


Life Cycles


Warranty of


High security

High stability

Long lifespan

Memoryless effect

Model AU51105-W
Technical Note
Size (WxHxD mm) 520.5×714×197.5
Life cycles ≥6000
Charging operation temperature 0°C~55°C
Discharging operation temperature -10°C~55C
Operating voltage range 43.2-57.6V
Degree of protection IP65
Cooling Natural
Communication method 485/CAN (Customizable)
Battery Module
Batteries Lithium iron phosphate
Arrangement 16S1P
Weight 62±2Kg
Connector 120A single socket
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 105Ah
Charging protection voltage 57.6V
Max.continuous charge current 100A
Max.continuous discharge current 100A
Max.instantaneous discharge current 250A(30ms)
BMU Module
Type 15-16 String charge and discharge with the same port
Continuous discharge ≤100A(Configurable)
Max.discharge current 108A(30s)
Charge voltage 58.4V supports wide voltage operation
Charge current ≤50A(Configurable)
Overcharge charge voltage 3.65±0.025V (Configurable)
Overcharge charge release voltage 3.40±0.05V (Configurable)
Balanced mode Standby equalization (Both charging and discharging)
Balanced current ≤70±5mA
Balanced start-up voltage 3400mW±10mV
Overdischarge protection voltage 2.5±0.05V
Short-circuit protection Short-circuit detection 500A delay 100us
Discharge protection recovery method  Recovery threshold auto-recovery (Charge activation detected charge current(>3A))
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